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We Are A Direct To Garment Product Warehouse:

These are "direct to garment" printing items.  This means that we print on demand and we don't carry stock of any item.  We can't pull one off the shelf and send it to you.  Each item is printed ON DEMAND.  Unfortunately, we can't do exchanges when a wrong size is ordered. You order an item and we print within a few days and ship it to you.  

7-Day Refund Policy.  We want you to be satisfied with your product.  If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied, you must email TIM@shoppzee.com and provide the following information.  

Order Number:


To get a full refund or get your product replaced we need a picture of the item in question explaining what the situation is.  We do this because our printing and fulfillment facilities are located off site.  We have to gather the information from you and then provide that information to the print and fulfillment service provider. 

All our products come with a 7 day, no wear/no wash guarantee.  Contact us here.

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